The only manufacturer of thermal wine in Ukraine with its own vineyards

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You are planning to visit the thermal springs “Kosino” in Transcarpathia or you are already here. Fix the effect of recovery, the only restaurant in Ukraine with its own personal vineyards is located very close, but it is not the most unusual and surprising thing here. Due to the fact that the vineyards are located right around the restaurant and the restaurant itself is only 9 km from the resort of thermal springs “Kosino”, here the magic comes: at a depth of 9 meters under the restaurant there is a hot spring which supply water to the roots of several hundred meters of the vineyard. The owners of the restaurant “Chizay Mala Gora” were wildly surprised by what was happening and decided to release more...
a limited version of the thermal wine “Chizay” for people who have visited the springs of “Kosino”, but unfortunately, within a few hours after the getting in the bottle, the wine was spoiled. So, it became the beginning of durable experiments and mistakes correction. As a result, we received the only and unique opportunity to drink some wine in the vineyard just after the procedures in thermal waters "Kosino". As a result, we got a wonderful triple action : Chizay thermal wine next to Kosino, a beautiful view and a wonderful restaurant "Chizay Mala Gora" with amazing cuisine.

Our Benefits


The only restaurant in Ukraine among the personal vineyard

The resort

We are located near the thermal springs "Kosino"


The average price of dinner for two people in our restaurant is about 350 UAH


70 % of products in our restaurant are of our own production